Asus Transformer vs iPad 2 – a comparison between two different tablet PCs

Asus Transformer vs iPad 2, the fight for global tablet pc domination. It is unquestionable that the iPad by Apple created quite a stir in 2010 when it was released, but since then no other tablet was so eagerly awaited like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer.


In the fight Asus Transformer vs iPad 2, it is only round one, since that the two innovative and coveted devices have just recently been made available to the broad public; to be exact, almost made available to the broad public.

The demand is quite high for the new Asus Transformer and after the first deliveries were ripped off the shelves, additional units are as rare as Loch Ness Monster sightings.

Apple iPad 2, on the other hand, did not display similar delivery trouble, despite high sales.

Nevertheless, the rush for the Apple iPad 2 was not as tumultuous as it was perhaps expected, or as it happened with the 1st generation device, or as it is happening with the Asus Transformer and the sales are additionally dampened by the persistent rumours of the impeding unveiling of the iPad 3. 
Apple Ipad 2, grand theft auto, gtaThe Apple iPad2 is an improved version of the original iPad device that has been released just about a year previously. Most users were pretty disappointed that they had to wait for their iPad for a long time, because the demand was very high, just to find out that shortly thereafter a better and cheaper device is being released. Moreover, the new iPad 2 had a 720p still and video camera built in, which the original iPad did not, a dual core processor and double the RAM. In the Asus Transformer vs iPad 2 comparison, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer has a 5 megapixel camera, whereby the iPad 2 camera has only 0.92 megapixels. This is clearly a place where Apple was exceedingly stingy and one of the reasons why on the internet many users complain about the horrible quality of iPad 2 photographic capabilities. Nowadays even the cheapest mobile phones have better photo cameras built in.

On the other hand, Apple came out with the first multi-touch screens for tablet devices on the market, which was no accomplishment of the company as such, but a smart move by Steve Jobs, the charismatic leader of Apple during the time of development of iPad. The multi-touch patents of the company FingerWorks that were acquired by Apple in 2005 were originally designed for gesture recognition purposed, but appropriated within the capacitive touchscreen technology Apple pursues nowadays. This is why Apple touchscreens will always have a different feel and touch in comparison to others, even no less powerful solutions, including the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, which has 10 finger multi-touch support. In the Asus Transformer vs iPad 2 comparison this would be a matter of taste rather than a technical decision, perhaps the Asus Transformer used technology is more advanced than the one of the Apple iPad 2, another reason why the premature Apple iPad 3 release seems realistic.

Another big selling point for such portable devices will always be the battery and battery life. Apple iPad 2 was said to have 10 % depletion rate per hour when used in moderation, which gives it about 10 hours of continuous use. Some of the programs, like a graphics challenging game and full brightness may reduce the duration, but according to user reports and consumer test reports, this evaluation seems accurate. In our side-by-side comparison, Asus Transformer vs iPad 2, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer promises not only a similar battery life of the tablet, but additional battery life within the keyboard, which is being separately sold, but is nevertheless an essential accessory. Up to 16 hours of continuous use are allegedly possible, which first hands-on reports and tests seem to verify.

While Apple is very oblique with their technical specs, even their website has, for instance, no exact information how much mAh their Li-Po battery has, or the resolution of the camera in megapixels, is the Asus site for Asus Eee Pad Transformer very forthcoming with all pertinent info. In our Asus Transformer vs iPad 2 comparison, it needs to be stated that the Apple iPad 2 website is expecting the user to be informed but not curious, while Asus expects the user to even understand what 24.4 Wh. Li-Po is. Nevertheless, a direct comparison of the tablets themselves, in this Asus Transformer vs iPad 2 assessment, does show up a big difference between the two, namely the keyboard/touch pad accessory of the Asus Transformer. This keyboard provides the Asus Transformer with two USB 2.0 connectors, while the Apple iPad 2 has only a dock connector that adapts into a USB cable. This makes the Apple device very “home computer” dependant, while the Asus Transformer with the two USB 2.0 ports provides for more independence. 
Asus Tablet PC, Asus Eee Transformer with keyboardA direct Asus Transformer vs iPad 2 comparison of the devices gives away the strongest point of the Apple device: the design. The Asus Transformer does look nice, the screen is impressive and with the keyboard it looks almost like a laptop, the Apple iPad 2 is a debonair, sleek device that looks more sturdy and posh. Other than that, most features speak for the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. The nVidia Tegra 2 processor is dual core and 1 GHz, like the Apple A5, the main difference being the nVidia graphics. The built-in speakers are ghastly in both devices, but no such small speakers can provide the bass sound people are used to. Both devices have models that are only Wi-Fi and feature no 3G. For mobile telephony connection, you need to purchase a 3G model – which in turn has Wi-Fi as well. It is beyond comprehension why it was not incorporated from the get go, this is valid for both tablets.

Both tablets have Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR, both can have additional storage, Apple iPad 2 up to 64 GB, the Asus Transformer up to 32 GB, but there is an additional card slot on the keyboard, not to mention the USB slots. The Apple iPad 2 has only 512 MB of RAM, while the Asus Transformer has 1 GB. The Asus Transformer vs iPad 2 comparison can go on, but it is evident that the specifications of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer are superior to the features Apple iPad 2 provides. This was clearly an intentional action by Asus, probably the reason why Apple feverishly started production on the iPad 3 device. If you do not consider the design or the styling of the devices, then the Asus Eee Pad Transformer seems to be a clear winner of the Asus Transformer vs iPad 2 bout. To adapt the current advertisement of Apple, it would mean: if you do not have an iPad 2, you do not have an iPad 2 – you have an Asus Eee Pad Transformer!