10 Asus Transformer Prime Cases worth considering

Asus Transformer Prime cases are being sought after by proud owners in order to properly transport and protect their priceless device.


Having such a tablet device is a tricky thing; namely, once you got used to browsing the net and reading the paper, but also to check your mail, play games and read books and magazines on your Prime, you can barely leave your home without it.

Just what the humanity needed, another thing you cannot leave home without, you need your car keys, your home keys, your mobile phone, your wallet, your American Express card – pun fully intended – and besides your umbrella on rainy days, your tablet device. It is only a logical thing that you will want your device properly protected, you want it to last as long as possible.

Therefore, at some point, you will look into Asus Transformer Prime cases and pick one that looks just right for your purpose and has the features you require. To make it a little easier, here is a list of Asus Transformer Prime cases for your consideration. 

JustCase Leather Case

asus transformer prime cases, JustCase Leather Case

For starters, here is a truly debonair genuine leather case that can also dub as a viewing stand by JustCase. It is a folio-like leather case, where the device is completely covered when closed, but all the buttons, camera, flash, are accessible and usable. The inner sleeve can be detached, providing for easy handheld operation, which can be re-attached by Velcro fastening device. The flap closes and stays closed by a magnetic closure mechanism. This unit was designed for explicit use with the ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 only. This is one of the top-selling cases for the ASUS Transformer Prime, ranks even better than the original ASUS made case. 

rooCASE Executive Portfolio Leather Case Cover with Landscape / Portrait View

asus transformer prime cases, rooCASE Executive Portfolio Leather Case Cover with Landscape / Portrait View

This is another similarly crafted portfolio and leather case for the ASUS Transformer Prime. It can also dub as a viewing stand, allowing both viewing angles with a comfortable slant at a forty-five degree angle. There are also some slots on the inner sleeve where you can store business cards and IDs, since there are several magnetic parts, storage of credit cards is not recommended. There is also an elastic loop provided, which can be used to store a stylus pen. The rooCASE seems a bit bulkier than the JustCase, but the rooCASE seems to be of a higher manufacturing quality, made with genuine leather, which is evident in the price difference. 

MoKo(TM) Executive Portfolio Case

asus transformer prime cases, MoKo Executive Portfolio Case

As a slightly less pricey solution, but with almost same functionality, this MoKo portfolio case also has additional functionality as a viewing stand, with both viewing angles and adjustable viewing slants. Besides providing the business card slots on the inner sleeve and some kind of an accessory flam where a stylus can be stored, this portfolio case also features a holding and carrying grip that allows the tablet to be carried like a small business case. Made out of genuine leather, there is no big quality difference perceivable, the MoKo version being slightly less bulky than the rooCASE. Nevertheless, on some level the rooCASE seems to be just a tad classier. At some point, the choice does seem to fall under “personal preference” rather than some distinctive trait elevating one case above the others. 

BLUREX Leather Slim folio Case With Multi-Angle Stand

asus transformer prime cases, BLUREX Leather Slim folio Case With Multi-Angle Stand

This BLUREX version of a folio case is a slimmer contraption that looks more like the iPad cover than a real folio case. It can also dub as a multi-angle viewing stand and fits the Asus Prime like a faux leather glove. Out of all Asus Transformer Prime cases yet, this one has the least bulky appearance and is definitely the lightest in weight. In direct comparison the difference is palpable and a prospective user is probably rather inclined to take the bulkier appearance of the former folio case versions, since the price difference is not really given or high enough to be an issue. People who prefer to keep the compactness of the Asus Prime will feel the BLUREX solution to be a better one. At least this case allows uninhibited use of both cameras, while still fully encased by the protective cover. 

USA Gear FlexSleeve Neo-Cushion Protective Cover Case Guard

asus transformer prime cases, USA Gear FlexSleeve Neo-Cushion Protective Cover Case Guard

As a different solution for the transporting problem, USA Gear offers a sleeve design that does not have any additional function or purpose, but to safely assist in the facilitation of a safe transport of the tablet device. There is a small zipped up pouch where not much will fit and there is a holding strip that is supposed to provide easier carrying, but the main objective here was to completely cover the tablet device on all sides. This means that you cannot use it in any way while it is inside the sleeve. On the other hand, this case is weather proof, which means that if the rain surprises you outside, you will be mightily happy that you picked this solution rather than all the aforementioned ones. 

SHEATH Portfolio Style

asus transformer prime cases, SHEATH Portfolio Style

This SHEATH portfolio case has almost to the dot the same features like the already introduced portfolio design based Asus Transformer Prime cases previously mentioned. It is made out of faux leather and there are two significant differences that need to be pointed out. Firstly, it is much cheaper than any other portfolio leather case and to some point this fact is evident in the material quality. This does not mean that this product is any less functional or that it falls apart, quite to the contrary, it does fine, only it does not appear as posh as the formerly mentioned models. The second distinctive characteristic is that it allows for 360 degree rotation when being used as a stand. 

Boxwave Folio Stand Case

asus transformer prime cases, Boxwave Folio Stand Case

Now this Boxwave folio is a slightly different take on the Asus Transformer Prime cases, to be exact, despite being the same concept, it does look and feel different. Firstly, it is made out of synthetic leather, which will make our friends at PETA happy. From the outside it looks just like another portfolio case. Inside, the faux leather covering encloses the Asus Prime tightly, leaving only the touchscreen peeking from the encasing. All pertinent openings are giving access to the controls and various devices such as cameras, flash and speakers. It is really a nicely designed case and stand; it is very affordable and does what it is supposed to. Nothing fancy, just a really nice, sturdy and compact portfolio case and stand for the Asus Prime. 

MiniSuit ASUS Transformer Prime Leather Keyboard Portfolio Stand Case Cover for Mobile Dock and Tablet

asus transformer prime cases, MiniSuit ASUS Transformer Prime Leather Keyboard Portfolio Stand Case Cover for Mobile Dock and Tablet

This portfolio protective carrying case by MiniSuit offers snug space for the Asus Transformer Prime including the mobile docking keyboard, which none of the previously listed Asus Transformer Prime cases featured. As such, it is a very useful carrying case for people who like to take not only the tablet on the road, but also the accompanying keyboard. You can carry your devices either docked or undocked, whereby docking the tablet while already within the constraints of poly-urethane leather and suede casing requires some fiddling around and practice to go smoothly. The tablet holding part can be detached and can dub as a multi-angle viewing stand. This package delivery comes with a LCD cleaner wrapped as a keychain. 

MoKo Slim Cover Case with Stand

asus transformer prime cases, MoKo Slim Cover Case with Stand

Another cover case made out of poly-urethane leather, but without the facility of housing the keyboard docking station, is provided by MoKo. Incredibly lightweight and enclosing the Asus Eee Transformer Prime tightly, it does not add almost any bulk to the thin frame of the popular tablet. The magnetic flap cover reminds of the iPad cover contraption by Apple; it folds in the same way and allows for two viewing angles, but not in portrait mode. The first angle is perfect for viewing a movie or video, the second angle is designed for typing with the on-screen keyboard. 

Protective Decal Skin skins Sticker for Asus Transformer Prime

asus transformer prime cases, Protective Decal Skin skins Sticker for Asus Transformer Prime

This last protective covering on our list of Asus Transformer Prime cases is rather a novelty item than a protective case. It is some kind of a protective vinyl sticker that has a theme printed on it in digital high quality printing. All the required cutouts fit perfectly, but are designed to fit the Asus Prime only. There is no similar photo cover-sticker for the keyboard docking station. The colored skin is provided for the front and backside, together with a software screen saver, which completes the sticker cutout for the touchscreen perfectly. It is no hard-case covering, but only a vinyl film reinforcing the original casing.