Asus Transformer accessories – adding your personal touch to your Tablet PC

Demands for Asus Transformer Accessories are very high for the barely released but very successful Asus Transformer Tablet PC.


The official release date of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer was March 30th, 2011. The Eee Transformer by Asus is a new competitor on the suddenly very crowded tablet pc market.

It is an Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) device, featuring most of the currently hyped characteristics such as multi-touch screen, HD video capability, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, HDMI among others.

The real difference that the Asus Transformer provides is the optional full sized QWERTY keyboard, trackpad and docking station with additional power source, a 6+ hours in addition to more than 9 hours the Eee Transformer has on board.

Since that there are many Asus Transformer accessories currently available on the market, here is a quick view of the most important ones, as well as the most popular ones. 

Eee Pad Transformer Docking Keyboard

asus transformer accessorie, transformer keyboard dock

The most popular and most important of the Asus Transformer accessories is, of course, the QWERTY keyboard, battery life extending, touch pad, USB 2.0 connector and multi-format card reader slot providing docking station. While it is understandable that Asus decided to sell the keyboard docking station separately, in order to push the already low price even lower, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer is not really a unique tablet computer without it. This keyboard docking station makes the Eee Transformer a laptop analogue, a truly innovative approach to a design that has been overbearingly copied and abused. When thinking about Asus Transformer accessories, then this keyboard docking station should most definitely be the first on the list. 

Asus Sleeve Case

asus tranformer sleeve case

If you already own an Eee Transformer, then you probably would like to have something that will protect the screen, when you carry it around or do not use it. The advertisement did say that it has scratch resistant glass, but nevertheless, it is the smart thing to do. In the same process, it can also be some kind of an upright holding device. In a design that must have been at least inspired by the Apple Smartcover for the IPad, Asus Sleeve Case provides a foldable sleeve for the Eee Transformer. It does look nice, the cover sleeve and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer standing upright, while you are, for instance, watching a movie. Nevertheless, this is one of the Asus Transformer accessories that make sense only if you do not have the keyboard around. The keyboard docking station can hold the tablet upright and also covers it nicely; it looks almost like a laptop then. 

Skinomi TechSkin

asus tranformer screen protector, skinomi techskin

There is also another way how you can protect your screen without having the sleeve morph into a stand. Namely, most of the IPad sleeves, even the 10 inch netbook sleeves will fit this device just fine, including the keyboard docking station attached to it. Better solution would be to first put a protector shield, like the one Skinomi produces, one of the TechSkin screen protectors. This is a clear thermoplastic urethane film that can be layered on your Asus Eee Pad Transformer in order to permanently protect your screen from any damage. Allegedly invented to protect military aircraft, this almost indestructible material can be simply attached with the provided application solution and installation squeegee. It is also easily removable and has a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. 

SanDisk 32GB MicroSDHC Memory Card & MicroSDHC Card Reader

asus tranformer accessories, Sandisk 32GB MicroSDHC Class 4 Memory Card & MicroSDHC Card Reader

Asus Eee Transformer Prime is barely available and already scores of new and very useful accessories are available for this particular tablet. One of such very useful accessories is the SanDisk 32 GB MicroSDHC memory card, with a MicroSDHC card reader that connects to the USB port. The Eee Transformer has plenty of storage, but with the full-sized USB slot on the Eee Station, the SanDisk 32 GB unit can add to the vast versatility of capabilities the Eee Pad Transformer Prime is already famed for. The transflash memory device is a class 4 unit, which means a 4 MB per second read and write speed. The USB memory card reader is USB 2.0 compatible, but as usual with SanDisk the performance by the unit will exceed expectations. Benchmark tests have attested much higher speed capabilities of this particular unit, verifying that SanDisk labeled this card class 4 despite class 2 performance. The SanDisk Corporation is market leading in flash memory storage solutions and is headquartered in Milpitas, California, United States. 

Universal Travel Adapter Plug Kit

universal travel adapter plug kit

If you travel around a lot, then you most definitely should get one of those Asus Eee Pad Transformer travel kits that has all possible plugs that are interchangeable and would fit any socket that you can find anywhere in the world for recharging your device. Of all the Asus Transformer accessories, purchasing this one makes only sense if you go to countries that have different plugs than your own. There are different plugs in the UK, the US, rest of Europe, Far East and whatnot, if you are either a passionate tourist or a businessperson with far reaching destinations, then you simply need this; provided you intend to take your Asus Eee Pad Transformer with you on your travels. 

Multi-Display to DVI, VGA & HDMI Video Adapter

DVI VGA HDMI Video Adapter

Another of the official Asus Transformer accessories that just recently were made available is a mini HDMI to VGA cable adapter. While most of the big screen HDTV devices have HDMI connectors and even most modern monitors have such plugs, an uncommon reason for including this adapter is actually the initiating factor. Namely, most of the projectors do not have HDMI connection capabilities and require VGA. Such projectors are being used in Universities all over the world and users of such projectors comprise much of the target consumers that Asus likes to address. Furthermore, the simple wide applicability of the VGA connector almost warranted that it be included on the device, if only the connector was not so big and unseemly. 

Loudspeakers, headsets and/with microphones

asus transformer headset

There are more Asus Transformer accessories available, such as the EP stand that features two USB 2.0 connectors, male and female docking ports as well as a 3.5 mm audio jack that allows the connection to speakers or headsets. The idea here was to provide a stand that can be used to charge the unit, but also can be held somewhere near the high definition TV, where either the HDMI port can be of use. Despite the good idea, this stand and docking station is not really feasible if you have the keyboard docking station. The same goes for other two Asus Transformer accessories that have been made available, the SD Card reader and the USB reader, both of which are featured in the keyboard docking station. 

bluetooth headset

Some more practical Asus Transformer accessories would include the headset; Asus provides one, but it has only earphones and no microphone. It may be a better idea to go for a Bluetooth model, instead of a cable dependant one, particularly if you intend to buy the forthcoming 3G version of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. A microphone and headphone combination does allow you to not only listen to music and audio books, have the audio of your HD video content playback without disturbing anybody around you and give you the hands-free capability in case of telephoning or using the Skype service. 

Satechi ST-TP01 Car Holder Mount

Satechi ST-TP01 Car Holder Mount for 5

One of the very smart and indispensible Asus Transformer accessories comes from the manufacturer Satechi. It is a screw-less car holder mount, that can be fastened to a dashboard, or similarly accessible clean surface in a vehicle. It allows you to position and view your device hands-free, whereby the holder is adjustable and can be swiveled to the desired position with ease. From using your tablet as a GPS device, to mounting it to playback cartoons for the children in the back, such a car holder mount seems to be a very good value purchase. 

Satechi R1 Arm Hinge Holder Stand

Satechi R1 Arm Hinge Holder Stand for iPad, iPad 2, ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab

The US-American based Satechi Corporation also builds the arm hinge holder stand for tablets, made out of sturdy aluminum in a construction with rubber pads that hold up the tablet surface of the device, in this case the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. It is being delivered with a carrying pouch, into which the whole holder stand can be easily folded. There are sheer endless capabilities of the contraption in terms of swiveling, positioning, orientating and holding up the Pad Transformer, this versatility makes the Satechi R1 truly a standout holder at an affordable price. 

Pro Series Car Travel Power Inverter

Pro Series Car Travel Power Inverter / Charger with USB port for Laptops, Portable DVD Players, SmartPhones, Tablets

The car power inverter and charger, distributed by Accessory Power, is a device that plugs into your cigarette lighter of your car, where it taps the power of your car battery. It is capable of providing power on the go for all devices that can be plugged into it. It also comes with two cables, which allow the user to connect power supply to any Micro- and Mini-USB, hence also the Asus Eee Pad Transformer. Despite the long life batteries and the additional power the Pad Transformer can derive from the keyboard, at some point it is really useful to be able to connect the device’s power supply to your vehicle, thereby making sure that you will not run out of power while being on the move; particularly useful if you are considering a vacation where you drive to the vacationing spot, or if you intend to use the device a lot in a Winnebago or similar vehicle. 

NTK 12V 2.0 Mini Bullet Style Car Charger

asus tranformer accessories, asus tranformer accessories, NTK 12V 2.0 A MINI BULLET STYLE CAR CHARGER FOR ASUS Eee TRANSFORMER

This mini bullet style USB car charging device was designed for charging the Transformer TF 101 tablet while driving in a car. Simply insert the mini bullet charging device into your lighter appendage and you can power up your device while on the move. There is a IC chip built into the device, which is programmed to make sure that your tablet will not be overcharged. The output range is declared at 12 V and 2.0 A. It is always a nuisance to be on the road and your tablet device runs out of battery power. It is particularly annoying, when you are using the Transformer to keep the little ones busy watching cartoons, while driving, or if you are using your tablet as a GPS device. With the NTK 12 V mini bullet style car charger, such problems are behind you. It is small, handy, sturdy and compatible with any Asus Eee Transformer TF 101 device, regardless of storage size and 3G capability. It is available only from the United States based NTK Solutions Company.