Asus Slate Accessories – make your Slate Tablet PC even more enjoyable

Not necessarily all of the Asus Slate Accessories are produced by the Taiwanese IT technology and computer components manufacturing behemoth, finally entered the tablet market and with an earth shattering impact.


Two tablets within the Eee family were presented to the world at once, namely an Android 3.0 tablet named Eee Transformer and a Windows 7 based one – the Asus Eee Slate.

The Asus Eee Slate is more like a symbiosis of the Eee Top and the Eee Transformer, creating a truly remarkable device that is powered by the best Microsoft OS to date, the Windows 7 in the Home Premium edition.

The 12.1 inches 1280 x 800 capacitive screen device has an Intel dual core i5 processor and 2 GB or 4 GB DDR3 RAM with a solid state drive of either 32 GB or 64 GB.

There are plenty of accessories available for the Asus Slate tablet PC, but the best are already supplied with the purchase.

Asus Slate accessories that are provided with the Asus Eee Slate and are making this tablet a truly remarkable device are the Bluetooth keyboard and the digitizer pen.

The Bluetooth keyboard is a smart accessory to have, since that the Asus Eee Slate is actually as powerful as a laptop or desktop computer and will need the input device to access all features that are common to all Windows users.

No wonder Asus decided to package it into the deal. Bluetooth 3.0 is already integrated, you need a keyboard to properly use Windows 7 and all the nice applications that exist for it.

Keyboard is very sleek, an innovative design with a slight knick, making the QWERTY keys more naturally accessible. There is only one problem with it, there is no touch pad or mouse. The Asus solution is to provide a digitizer pen, because not all can be done by touching the screen. 

Wacom digitizer pen

rooCASE 2n1 Capacitive (Black) Stylus / Ballpoint Pen for ASUS Eee Slate

Of all the Asus Slate accessories, this is the most exciting one, the Wacom digitizer interface. A pen interface is not really a commonly known input device. Many Adobe Photoshop users are familiar with the advantages of using a digitizer pen, but common users have no idea of all the capabilities such a pen can provide. It is truly a stroke of genius that such a pen is provided with the Asus Slate accessories, which are already in the box when purchased. From easily marking the editing points in photo, audio and video editors, to instant handwriting or drawing into any program of choice, a digitizer pen has many uses. People who are used to using pens on their handheld devices know that such a pen can come in very handy, if you want to write something and you did not take the keyboard with you. The on-screen QWERTY keyboard is not everyone’s favourite for typing purposes and accuracy is much better with a pen than with a finger. 

Asus Slate case

Asus Slate case

Another of the Asus Slate accessories that really need to be considered straight from the initial purchase, but is not a part of the delivery package is a carrying case. There is a foil case with a support function that could do and is a part of the package, but if you are not carrying a purse with you at all times, you will most likely need either a case or a backpack, particularly if you intend to have the keyboard around. The box, in which the Asus Eee Slate is delivered in, has a handle, but chances are that this cardboard utensil is not going to have many fans. Within the Asus Slate accessories that are currently available from Asus itself, there is no satisfying solution offered. But other manufacturers were fast to provide relief for concerned Asus Eee Slate owners, like CaseCrown with the slim pocket case, but it does not provide enough room for the keyboard. Perhaps it would be a better idea to purchase a carrying case or backpack that was designed for laptops from a reputable manufacturer like Belkin or Samsonite. 

External USB hard drive

Western Digital My Passport Essential SE 1 TB USB 3.0/2.0 Ultra Portable External Hard Drive

But the most useful Asus Slate accessories that you should consider and are not included with the Asus Slate accessories provided with your purchase are external USB devices which will make your Asus Eee Slate a high class tablet PC with flair. The first of such Asus Slate accessories would be an external hard drive. With the two provided USB 2.0 ports that are provided, adding an external hard drive is as easy as simply connecting it to your device. The internal SDD is only 32 (64) GB in size, you really cannot install much there and have a couple of HD movies for your entertainment. The space goes fast, particularly in a Windows environment, where all the most powerful applications use it up in a jiffy and you did not add your mp3 collection at all. In any case, a nice, big hard drive with all your audio and video media, including your audio and e-books, is just the right companion for the Asus Eee Slate. Perhaps you can keep the internal SDD drive for your OS and most used applications, a few files that you just cannot do without, but all else needs to go to the big, external drive. 

External DVD or BluRay

ASUS External 12X Blu-Ray Burner with USB 3.0 BW-12D1S-U/BLK/G

The second of the Asus Slate accessories that immediately comes to mind is an external DVD or even BluRay drive, preferably with recording capabilities. You not only get your support DVD with your Asus Eee Slate, but you can use the drive as a playback device and enjoy any movie you may already own. Not to mention how useful such a DVD drive is, if you want to install any additional software. Mind you, some sellers do offer the Asus Eee Slate with not only Windows 7 installed, but also MS Office 2010 Starter, but not all of them, furthermore you might want to add the already mentioned Adobe Photoshop, or your favourite game to play on the Asus Eee Slate. 

HDMI to VGA adapter

AmazonBasics HDMI to DVI Adapter Cable

Of all available Asus Slate accessories, besides the few that are provided with the device at purchase, the best choice are the two USB devices, the external DVD drive and the external HDD. Other than that, any other Asus Slate accessories that come to mind are simple connector cables, like an HDMI cable, or an adapter, like an HDMI to VGA adapter, or in best case scenario a pair of nice loudspeakers, to enjoy the movie or gameplay just right, despite the stereo speakers that are already built into the Asus Eee Slate, which quality is okay, but not really grand.