Apple iPad Reviews

Apple iPad reviews written by users like you will give people a better understanding why the Apple iPad rules the Tablet PC market. Remember people have different opinions, even though the reviews can be smart, thoughtful and very helpful, they can also be very biased. We know that iPad owners love their tablet and it is hard not to be biased, but please try to keep your review objective as much as possible.

The following review questions should help you get started. What Apple iPad are your reviewing? Describe the physical attributes (weight, size, how it feels in your hands etc…)? Battery life is always an important aspect (we all know it never lasts as long as promised by the manufacturers). Tells us some tricks to using the Apple OS? How responsive is the touchscreen? What do you think about the display? What do you like to do on your iPad? What improvements you would like to see on the next version of the iPad? Your iPad review should answer some of these questions. Of course we want to hear anything else you have to say.

Many technical reviews have been written by professionals, but we find it is very important to hear from the consumers as well. There is no better way to understand why the iPad is such a success, but to hear it from the owners who use it.

Share your opinion with us, it matters to us. Please fill out the review form below and as long as your content is clean and adds value we will publish it. Of course feel free to just read what other have to say, but sharing your review and paying it forward would be greatly appreciated.