Apple iPad not only setting Tablet PC standards but also an excellent alternative to dedicated eBook readers

The Apple iPad is one of the most popular Tablet PCs on the market today; it can be used for reading emails, electronic documents and eBooks, you can surf the web, chat and do so much more.


It has become a good color alternative to other ereaders which utilize the E ink® screen that is limited to shades of gray.

The eBook reader market is tightly contested by many potentially good ereader devices, but the iPad stands its ground in a lot of areas including its speed, design and multi functions that go beyond eBook readers.

It has a 9.7 inch LED touch screen with IPS or in-Plane Switching which is designed to provide maximum visibility from all angels.

The operating system for the iPad is the same one that was used for the iPhone and all of its programs can be run on the iPad as well.

The iPad may seem like a simple device but it is a highly specialized piece of equipment capable of performing extremely complex functions.

With a multi-touch screen display and the ease of installing software directly from the internet, the iPad has proven to be a remarkable addition to the computer world.

Over 300,000 applications, most that were meant for the iPhone and the iPod, can be installed on the iPad with ease. These features make the iPad a very good ereader as well which is why many people are also using their tablets to read eBooks and magazines on the go. 

The original iPad

Much can be said about the Apple iPad, but there is no going round when it comes to the innovation that the first generation iPad had. The design was slim and light, at about 1.5 lbs (680g) and the size of an average magazine, the iPad first generation set the standard for how tablet pcs would evolve. In addition to its size, it also has a 9.7 inch LED backlit screen which has an IPS and proximity sensor, which automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen when you are in a darker setting. The Apple iPad was also the first tablet pc to use Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS with access to all the applications and software that iPhone and iPod users have. 

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The iPad 2

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The Apple iPad 2 builds on the success of the iPad, adding a thinner design and more powerful processor as well as two cameras. The iPad 2 still maintains the same 9.7 inch LED multi touch screen but weighs less at 1.33 lbs (600g). The iPad 2 is a worthy upgrade for those who want speed and power in a lighter package than the iPad and it still maintains the same battery life as the iPad. 

apple tablet pc, iPad 2, Apple iPad 2 pros and cons

The Apple iOS store

The Apple iPad’s exclusive access to the iOS store is probably the single best feature. With access to over 400,000 applications including over 65,000 designed exclusively for the iPad, there is no shortage of options as to what the iPad can do. For many people, the iPad is a secondary computer which combines many different functions. The volume of Apps available has been the fundamental reason that the iPad is a best seller tablet pc today. 

eBook Reader Support

As an eBook reader, the Apple tablet pc has a lot of applications and options including access to Amazon’s Kindle Application, the B&N Nook application and even Sony’s eBook reader application. This means that the iPad can support almost every eBook format available today either natively or through a third party application. Apple also has its own iBook store application that is available from the iOS store. In addition to the iOS applications that are downloadable, the iPad also has a large range of eBooks and publications that are available to users anywhere. The iPad allows you to read all the media from its competitors on top of everything that is available in the iBook store, all just with one device. 


The Apple tablet pc, the iPad is used by a lot of people to surf the web and read electronic media. Many magazines and book publishers have their publications on the iPad through agreements with Apple or as downloadable Apps in the App Store. When you select the Apple iPad it also doubles as an excellent eBook reader device with a color screen and excellent battery as well and the extensive support for eBook formats that cannot be matched by any other single eBook reader in the market right now.