Android Tablet PC Reviews

Android Tablet PC reviews by owners and people like you might be the best to help you make a decision on purchasing a Tablet PC. Remember even though a review can be smart and thoughtful, it can also be biased. Keep in mind different people live different lives and have different experiences and opinions about their Tablet PCs.

What we want to know is how your Tablet PC holds up in every day use? Does it perform they way the manufacturer says? How long does the battery really last (we all know it never lasts as long as they say)? Is it hard to type on the virtual keyboard. Can you live without your Tablet PC? Tell us why or why not. Which Android App is a must have on your tablet? What do you usually do on it? Your review should answer some of these questions. While we can give you the technical details and an overall review, there is no better way to get a feel for a product but to have the actual consumer share their experience?

This is your chance now to tell us what you think about your Android Tablet PC. Do you recommend it? Or would you rather have a different model or wait for a newer version of the same model? Your opinion matters. Please complete the review form below and if we like your review you will have your own published web page. Of course feel free to just read them, but it would help out if you shared your opinion and pay it forward.