Amazon Tablet PC the Kindle Fire is setting the World Ablaze

For the past few weeks, the news about the Amazon Tablet PC has taken the entire world by storm.


In fact, the Kindle Fire tablet pre-orders have reached 2000 units per hour.

This article, however, is more than just emphasis on the different features and benefits of using the Kindle Fire.

It’s also about the company behind it, why it joined the Tablet PC bandwagon, what can it offer to users, how it aims to compete with very strong players such as theiPad the Apple Tablet PC or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the possible ways it’s going to change the Tablet PC war landscape. 

What Is Amazon?

amazon tablet pc, jeff bezos holding kindle fire, amazon logo

When one hears the word “Amazon”, the first thing that comes into mind is even before the mighty river. It is one of the biggest, if not the biggest online stores. It currently has over a million eBook titles for you to choose from, including domain ones or those that no longer have copyright. Amazon has also expanded its reading offers to include magazines, periodicals, as well as blogs, which you can access conveniently using its Kindle readers or now the Kindle Fire.

It was Jeff Bezos who founded the company in 1994, though it took a year before it finally came online. It was named after the great Amazon River, maybe in the hopes it would become as big and powerful. The company aims to provide customer satisfaction, which is better expressed by its logo forming a smile (it may also hint that it has everything you need, as the arrow points from A to Z). 

Like any successful business, Amazon didn’t just pop up because of Bezo’s whim. He thought things through and developed his own business plan. Interestingly enough the plan was a long term vision, the company for many years didn’t have a profit. But Bezo’s vision was innovative and forward looking and after a few years things turned around, and today the company is on top of the game. It didn’t compete immediately with other well-known bookstores such as Barnes and Noble and Borders. It was happy just being one of the players, which eventually worked to its advantage. During the dot-com crisis, Amazon was one of the few companies to survive.

Nevertheless, it also went through a number of triumphs and setbacks. For example, it used to be an auction website, very similar to eBay, but it wasn’t able to make a dent to the latter’s popularity. It gained an advantage, though, once it changed its business model and settled for encouraging its members to sell used books, CDs, and the other items in the market. The company also ventured into Pinzon, Mp3, book publishing, sale of perishable goods, donations systems through Honor, web services via Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Prime, and even a Wikipedia-style service.

The bulk of its sale, however, is derived from its books, so when they introduced its first e-book reader dubbed the Kindle in November 2007, the reading and tech community went crazy.

The Kindle reader featured an E Ink® display that increases contrast depending on the lighting conditions and the ability to turn the pages as if you’re actually reading a book. Since it can connect online via Wi-Fi, users could do away with tethering or moving books from PC or laptop to their eBook reader. It was such a huge success that in a few years theKindle reader became their number 1 selling product and eBooks are now outselling traditional books. Over the years, a variety of Kindle readers were released in the market, perhaps to expand the target market as well as to enhance or adopt new features. 

Here comes the Amazon Tablet PC Kindle Fire

amazon tablet pc, kindle fire

Before the holidays roll in, Amazon decided to launch its newest Kindles, taking advantage of the potential buying spree of people. It was during the event when it finally revealed a totally different kind of Kindle called Fire.

What sets Fire apart from the other eBook readers? This Amazon Tablet PC doesn’t really resemble the typical tablet, not in iPad’s standards anyway. Some consider it as cross between an eReader and a tablet. Regardless, it sports a number of features not found in other e-book readers.

The Amazon Tablet PC sports a physical dimension of 7.5 inches in height, 4.7 inches in width, and 0.45 inches in depth. It weighs 14.6 ounces (414g), making it way lighter than iPad 2 and even Nook Color. It runs using a customized Android, so you can multitask. The internal memory is 8GB, half of what’s being offered by the smallest-capacity iPad 2, and doesn’t have 3G does have Wi-Fi. There’s noBluetooth, camera, and GPS, but it possesses a very unique browser known as Silk. It can compress files to maximize the use of bandwidth, speeding up downloading and uploading times. It also recognizes browsing patterns, pre-loading pages you constantly visit. Its battery life is good at around 8 hours depending on usage, about the same as other Tablet PCs. 

What It Takes to Compete

amazon tablet pc, kindle fire in hand

With such features, can we say this Amazon Tablet PC has something to beat the others? The answer is yes and no.

It’s a yes because Amazon is already a well-known brand. It has a very stable following, and it’s successful in replicating the achievements of Fire’s predecessors.

Though Apple has an outstanding ecosystem, Amazon doesn’t lag behind. It offers a cloud for unlimited storage and backup, Whispersync to sync in all devices, and a growing number of apps.

Amazon is also scaring away competitors with its ridiculously cheap price: it’s less than $200. A few hours after the Amazon Tablet PC was launched, prices of other tablet PCs dropped.

The seven-inch screen can be a boon or a bane, depending on how you see it, but many would agree the less weight allows users to carry the Amazon Tablet PC more easily than an iPad 2. 


The Kindle Fire will definitely make a dent in the market share. Can it dethrone Apple? The answer is “No”. iPad has already been around for two years and has set the standard for Tablet PCs. But the Kindle has a lot to offer for such a price and if you are a Kindle fan then the Fire should definitely be your next purchase. 

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