Kindle Fire review uncovers the truth behind the Kindle Fire craze

Today, we’re going to do a Kindle Fire review for a variety of reasons.


Topping the list is the fact its pre-orders are on fire.

In fact, if you’re going to check some reports, supposedly 2,000 of them are ordered every hour!

Second, this is quite different from all the other Kindle readerdevices in the market.

Though this carries the word “Kindle,” which means it should be treated as an e-book reader, it’s actually more of a Tablet PC.

Third, based on several reviews and its comprehensive list of features, there’s a good chance it’s going to change the way we view and use tablet PCs. We aren’t sure it’s meant to topple the iPad the Apple Tablet PC, since it lacks a couple of key features, but it should keep the rest of the players, even Apple, on their toes.

To start our official Kindle Fire review, let’s talk about the features of the tablet. It sports a 7-inch multi-touch LCD screen, at least three inches shorter than iPad 2 but comparable to several other 7 inch Tablet PCs. It has a pixel resolution of 1024 by 600 and is capable of displaying around 24 million colors. It has a physical dimension of 7.5 inches in length, 4.7 inches in width, and 0.45 inches thin, and weighs around 14.6 ounces (414g).

It features 8GB internal storage and has a battery life of around 8 hours with a charge time of around 4 hours. It doesn’t have 3G but connects through Wi-Fi. Ports include a microUSB port, 3.5mm stereo audio jack. It also supports a variety of media formats, such as mp3, mp4, doc, text, and pdf. 

Why Get It?

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Undoubtedly, its price is its biggest come-on: it costs no more than $200, it is more than half the price of an iPad.

However, it offers a lot more than the price suggests. It’s a nifty gadget, loaded with a lot of exciting features and apps. For example, its 7-inch IPS display offers one of the best viewing angles. This means you don’t have to squint your eyes when reading magazines and books under direct sunlight. It’s also packed with pixel density, so colors look outstanding. This also complements the full-colored magazines and websites you can check out with your Tablet PC.

The Gingerbread OS allows for excellent multitasking and pairs very well with the Amazon Silk browser (which you will learn more later on). Of course, you have access to some of the best Google apps, such as Gmailand synchronization of inboxes, as well as Android downloads.

The device is also very comfortable to carry; it actually feels very comfortable in just one hand. Placing it inside your everyday bag or carry-on luggage is surely not an issue at all.

Kindle Fire is also known for its high durability: it is over 25 times tougher than plastic without adding additional weight.

The tablet is very intuitive, which is necessary as there are no buttons on the screen and you’re going to do a lot of swiping, touching, and pressing. 

Amazon Ecosystem

kindle fire review, Amazon Kndle Fire, Amazon Cloud

A Kindle Fire review will never be complete without talking about Amazon’s ecosystem, which is probably one of the company’s biggest strengths. An 8GB internal storage is definitely small, especially if you can’t even expand it using a microSD slot.

However, Amazon compensates by giving you the Amazon Cloud. Consider it as your own online storage, which can hold unlimited number of books, movies, songs, and apps, to name a few. Thus, even if you delete some of books and movies in your Kindle Fire, you don’t forever get rid of them. This also means you can access them whenever you want as long as Wi-Fi is available.

You can also take advantage of Whispersync, which has the ability to synchronize all your devices. This stems from frustrations people often feel when book reading lacks continuity. The good news is this feature is now extended to movies and TV shows. By merely syncing your device to your television, you can continue watching your favorite TV program or movie.

Kindle Fire also gives you complete access to over 100,000 movies, close to 18 million songs, hundreds of thousands of books, and hundreds of periodicals and magazines.

Once you buy the Kindle Fire, you also have one month’s worth of Amazon Prime, where you get access to more than 10,000 TV programs and movies with no interruption in video streaming. There’s no limit as to the number of movies and shows you can watch. Amazon Prime’s fee covers everything. 

Amazon Silk browser

kindle fire review, Amazon Kndle Fire, Amazon Silk Browser

This Kindle Fire review will also tackle the Silk browser designed by Amazon. People usually buy tablets to connect themselves online, so if the browser falters, it reduces the device’s capability.

Amazon has worked hard to not disappoint you. It gives you Amazon Silk. It has the ability to compress files so bandwidth demand is greatly reduced. It does most of the computing on the internet, where there is more processing power. In turn, connection is a lot faster. Best of all, Silk is intuitive to your Internet patterns. Using special algorithms, it pre-loads websites you constantly check out, saving you time and increasing efficiency. 


Any device always comes with certain limitations, and Kindle Fire is no exception to the rule. For one, it doesn’t have 3G, which means you have to look for hotspots in order to get online. The device doesn’t come with a microphone or camera, so for example you cannot use Skype or any other video chat. There is no GPS. It also lacks Bluetooth so you cannot connect any Bluetooth devices such as keyboards or a mouse to the Tablet.

Though it’s an Android OS, it uses Gingerbread, not Honeycomb, which is more suitable for Tablet PCs. 


This Kindle Fire review tells you a lot of important things about the tablet. It leaves out a couple of features you’ve grown to love, such as a bigger screen, camera, and microphone. Yet it gives you features you’ll wish others have, including one of the best ecosystems and a powerful browser. If you are a Kindle fan this is what you have been waiting for. 

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