Add one of these HTC Flyer cases to make your Tablet chic and trendy

HTC Flyer cases will make your HTC Flyer chic and trendy while protecting your Tablet PC.


The choices are vast from cubes to those lined with Neoprene.

Protect your investment and have some fun adding some styles to the device.

Although there are many cases to choose from, here are our top choices.

Black Cover Protective Slim Durable Silicon Skin Case for HTC Flyer 3G

Silicon Skin Case for HTC Flyer, Silicon Skin Case

Even though this looks like any regular case for HTC Flyer or perhaps for other tablet PCs, we feel it beats the rest of the HTC Flyer cases because of its add-ons. When you buy this, you get an anti-glare screen protector. What’s more, there’s a rotatable windshield mount so you can easily adjust the tablet PC to your preferred angle. There’s also a hand-strap key chain to distinguish the case from the others, while the skin has been designed for a more comfortable grip. The case also provides easy access to the different ports of your tablet PC. This way, you don’t have to remove it from the skin while using. 

Rugged Black with Grey Trim Harlan Cube Carrying Case for HTC Flyer

Carrying Case for HTC Flyer, harlan cube case

This is one of the uniquely styled HTC Flyer cases we’ve seen in the market. While the rest are usually flat and form fitting, this one is shaped like a cube. It’s bulky, yes, and there’s always the apprehension that it wouldn’t fit into your purse or even small carry-on. Also, there’s no immediate access to the ports for attachments. However, if protection is what you’re looking for, this is the case that you should get. The cube’s interiors are also padded to ensure that no bumps or scratches can cause undue damage to the tablet’s body and, most of all, the screen. You can also find a mesh pocket so you can bring along your other attachments, like chargers and cables. 

HTC Flyer Silicone Skin Case

Silicone Skin Case for HTC Flyer, Silicone Case

One of the beautiful HTC Flyer cases now available on Amazon, it is made from silicone, which makes it very resilient or flexible. It accommodates the tablet PC with great ease. Nevertheless, the silicone material doesn’t cause any dangerous slip-ups. Of course, it doesn’t add any bulkiness to the already weighty tablet PC. This one comes in black, which makes it sophisticated looking. As an added bonus, you can obtain a pair of screen protectors. Fortunately, it doesn’t get in the way with the normal brilliance or contrast of the images. HTC Flyer turns out to have one of the most stunning screens in the market. 

Premium Molded Hard Shell 7″ Tablet / Ereader Carrying Case

Hard Shell Carrying Case for HTC Flayer, Hard Shell Case

One of the many HTC Flyer cases you’ll find in Amazon, this one can double as a carrying case for your e-reader. This case also fits the Samsung Tablet PC the Galaxy Tab . It’s hard shell, with a body almost similar to that of luggage sets without the extra weight, so you cannot expect this to be damaged anytime soon. Moreover, there’s a dual-zipper design, which only adds maximum protection not only to your tablet PC but also to the case. Internally, you can find dense pads to greatly reduce impacts, especially when you drop the case, and their after-effects to your screen. The dura-elastic strap, on the other hand, keeps the tablet PC in place. When you purchase this case, you’ll also obtain a micro-USB cable that works as a charger. You simply have to look for a USB wall charger or any computer that is compatible with the device, and you can fully power your HTC Flyer. 

CE Compass Black Leather Case Cover with Stand

Leather Case Cover with Stand for HTC Flyer

One of the things you should look for in HTC Flyer cases is durability. It’s not just because you want to get your money’s worth by making it last for a long time but also you want to keep the tablet PC itself safe and secure. A very excellent case material is leather. We’re very much aware how strong leather is. But this one from CE Compass adds more strength via the heavy duty stitching. The case definitely has the ability to beat early wear and tear. Moreover, when you unbuckle it, it will reveal a kickstand, which you can use to keep your HTC flyer steady and convenient to use on a flat surface. Accessing ports are also not difficult. 

CaseCrown Stitched Neoprene Protective Case

Neoprene Case for HTC Flyer, Case for HTC Flyer

Neoprene is another strong material that is often used in HTC Flyer cases. This one is usually used to line the interiors so parts such as the screen are well protected from bumps and scratches. It comes in two color options black and red, the case has extra pockets found on its interior. This is where you can place your added accessories such as a USB charger and cable. 

Gizmo Dorks Leather Case / Stand (Black) with Carabiner Key Chain

Gizmo Dorks Case for HTC Flyer, Case for HTC Flyer

“Convenience” is the keyword you can associate with this case. For easy access or removal of the case, Velcro is being used. There’s nothing that covers the ports of the tablet PC. Most of all, you can easily convert the case into a handy and portable stand by propping up the foldable compartments. There’s also a keychain that keeps all your keys together and within reach. The interiors are lined with soft microfiber for excellent protection but soft feel. Its exteriors, though not real leather, provides decent shield and professional appeal. 

CaseCrown Faux Suede Zip Sleeve Case

Sleeve Case for HTC Flyer, Sleeve Case

This is a case we can recommend to teens and young adults out there. They have a myriad of palettes to choose from, allowing them to keep up with the trendy feel the tablet PC radiates. But don’t be immediately fooled by its hipness. In spite of its visual appeal, it still offers adequate shield against damage to your tablet PC. It is also very slim, so your HTC Flyer fits right and there’s no additional weight or thickness to it. The suede used feels very soft and comfortable—perfect for holding the tablet PC for a very long time. There are external pockets for other attachments while the interiors are accessible via a zipper. 

HTC Flyer Hard Cube Carrying Case in Black with Red Trim

Hard Case for HTC Flyer, hard cube carrying case

This is very similar to Harlan cube, except that it bears the red trim instead of black. As an addition, you’ll get black headphones. You cannot easily let go of headsets when you’re using HTC Flyer as it doesn’t have superb audio qualities.

CaseCrown Pocket Satchel Case

CaseCrown Pocket Satchel Case for HTC Flyer, CaseCrown Case

You don’t have to worry about fitting the HTC Flyer to a bag or a purse since the case can already function one. The satchel case is one of the fashionable HTC Flyer cases, and it’s something you can easily tag along perhaps with your other carry-on bags. It’s made from double memory foam to tremendously decrease the effects of shock upon impact. The case is also water resistant while the zipper is designed to be scratch free.